What has happened to our country?

07 Dec

What has happened to our country? It is hard to believe what I am seeing on the news. Was the division in our country always here, or was it just brought to our attention when Donald Trump began his campaign for president in 2015, which ultimately led to his election in 2016? What he has done to this country is indescribable. He mocks and ridicules disabled people, calls our elected leaders morons and idiots.
Not only is he the most publicly dishonest and dishonorable person that I have ever witnessed, but he has half of America believing everything he says. He is spurred on by Fox News and social media, both of which should be censured for the vitriol they spew on national television each day. The term “Trump Supporters” has gone from a simple description of those supporting him in his political campaign to a full- blown cult. He is a blatant racist and encourages white supremacists to “stand back and stand by,” and they do.
He mostly appeals to the lower-middle class, those without college degrees, and those who are devoid of critical thinking skills. They dress alike, they talk alike, and they do not seem to want to know the truth because they believe they already know it. They tend to prefer Fox News to CNN or PBS. The more absurd the story, the more they are apt to believe it. They believe everything and question nothing. Trump’s behavior is so outrageously absurd, the rest of the world has been laughing at us. The United States used to be the model for the rest of the world. They all wanted to be like us, and many died trying to get here. We were freedom personified. We are no longer respected by world leaders. Trump has pulled us out of the World Health Organization, the Paris Climate Accord and other international organizations much to our detriment. He has rolled back 60 or more EPA regulations on carbon emissions, the Clean Air Act, and on and on, just because he hates former President Obama. His unwillingness to take control of the Corona Virus has caused the deaths of over 250 thousand people. He has violated just about every federal regulation regarding nepotism, the Hatch Act, and others I cannot even think of. As soon as he walks down the White House steps for the last time, there will be several law enforcement agencies waiting to file charges against him. It would be too much to hope for that they would take him into custody.